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Our Philosophy

Biotech and research organizations face many significant challenges as they mature including securing funding, balancing a budget for both personnel and instrumentation, and standing out in a crowded competitive landscape. ​Boston Autolytics believes that many of these growing pains can be addressed with intelligently designed automation and integrated data systems. We provide growing companies an affordable competitive edge by generating the highest throughput from your existing processes while simultaneously extracting more information out of your existing data. Automated on-the-fly analytics combined with hardware automation and report generation can save most companies significant personnel cost, freeing up resources for investing in further developing the core technology platform and growing the business.

What makes us different?

We are a small group of scientists who understand the challenges of research. Our software is designed to be modular, highly customisable and, most importantly, scientifically sound. We understand that science is inherently unpredictable and we are here to help you evolve your business wherever your experiments take you.

With Boston Autolytics:


Integrate your hardware directly with your cloud backup, data analysis pipelines, and report generation. Automate repetitive data backup procedures and keep your data safe.


Employ your existing analysis pipelines intelligently via custom designed add-on modules or select pre-built modules from our catalog. Either way, you will be able to interpret and visualize your data according to your needs.


Increase the throughput of your existing equipment with automation. We can help you connect your laboratory instrument hardware to your LIMS removing tedious steps from your existing SOPs, further streamlining your processes, increasing consistency, and accelerating your research with data analysis.

Products & Services


LIMS Node is a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) that is uniquely designed with an architecture that reflects biological processes. This means your research focus can remain agile with the LIMS system being flexible and extensible enough to adapt to changes in your goals. Our systems modular structure further promotes this flexibility as new features can be added to your system as you see fit.

LIMS Node Base Module:

A flexible, affordable storage solution for biological data:

  • Store/Access/Search your data from a scientist friendly interface.
  • Integrate your high throughput instruments for automated data import to save time.
  • Keep your data on your servers or host it on the cloud.
  • Use RESTful API endpoints to access your data programmatically.

Extending the Base Module:

A lot more than just storage

    There is no limit to what is possible when customizing it’s features using any combination of custom or off-the-shelf Nodes. Apply custom scoring functions, automate your data analysis and collection, track the location of your physical samples, visualize, report, backup your data, or employ advanced machine learning techniques and predict the outcomes of experiments.

    LIMS Node is built to grow with you. It can be used as an affordable standalone data storage and search system while your platform is still developing. As your platform becomes more defined, LIMS Node can be extended to integrate with your current analysis pipelines or select from an ever growing library of nodes to meet your data management needs.

Online Analysis Nodes:

Extend your capabilities as you grow

    Our analysis Nodes are built to be integrated with our LIMS Node system. From genomics, to proteomics or from simple statistical tests to sophisticated AI models we make sure that our analyses are state of the art and scientifically sound. If you have your own proprietary analysis methods we can also build a custom node to meet your unique needs. You can choose as many nodes as you want and modify as your needs change. You can use the API endpoints of your Base Module or your analysis nodes for programmatic access to further automate your analysis, import and export.

Our Services:

Custom Software

Whether you need unique desktop applications, cloud based data management solutions, or advanced analytical solutions, we can develop the software that your business needs to run efficiently.

Data Analysis

We can help glean insight from your existing data with statistical, machine learning, and analytical approaches so that you can make better data-driven decisions faster.

Workflow Optimization

Inefficiencies in workflows can often be overcome with automated solutions, improved data managment, or process development optimization. Let us help you identify and resolve bottle-necks via statistical process monitoring and optimization.

Scientific & Computational Consulting

Making decisions with limited data is difficult. Let us help you decide which path your company should follow with our expertise in diverse fields in biology and data analysis.

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Our Team

R. Paul Nobrega, Ph.D.


Automation and Analytics

A protein biochemist by training, Paul also has extensive experience working with large data sets. He currently is a developer working on software solutions to improve data analysis at a small biotechnology company in Boston.

Alper Celik, Ph.D.


Genomics and Machine Learning

A bioinformatician, programmer, and biostatistician who also develops software for genomics. He is currently developing custom solutions for data analysis and automation at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto.

Eric Swanson, Ph.D.


Process Development

A Cell Biologist who has experience collecting and analyzing large imaging datasets. In his current role at a biotech company, he has worked as part of both the R&D and commercial organizations and has spent the last three year in a customer facing sales-oriented role.