Automate Your Insight

Grow your business with automated technical analyses and custom predictive insights using your own data

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Custom Software

Whether you need unique desktop applications, cloud based data managment solutions, or advanced analytical solutions, we can develop the software that your business needs to run efficiently.

Data Analysis Services

Getting the most value out of your data requires that the right questions are approached with the correct methods. We can help glean insight from your existing data with statistical, machine learning, and analytical approaches so that you can make better data-driven decisions faster.

Workflow Optimization

Inefficiencies in workflows can often be overcome with automated solutions, improved data managment, or process development optimization. Let us help you identify and resolve bottle-necks via statistical process monitoring and optimization.

Our Team

R. Paul Nobrega, Ph.D.

R. Paul Nobrega, Ph.D.

Automation & Analytics

Alper Celik, Ph.D.

Alper Celik, Ph.D.

Informatics & Statistics

Eric C. Swanson, Ph.D.

Eric Swanson, Ph.D.

Process Development


Small and medium sized research and biotech companies face many significant challanges as they mature including securing funding, balancing a budget for both personel and instrumentation, and standing out in a crowded competitive landscape. ​Boston AutoLytics believes that many of these growing pains can be addressed with intelligently designed automation and integrated data systems. We provide growing companies an affordable competitive edge by generating the highest throughput from your existing processes while simultaneously extracting more information out of your existing data. Automated on-the-fly analytics combined with hardware automation and report generation can save nearly any company significant personel cost, freeing up resources for investing in further developing the core technology platform and growing the business.

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